Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teal Tinted Glasses Podcast Coming Soon!

We are incredibly happy to announce the Teal Tinted Glasses, a podcast about the San Jose Sharks. There are a ton of details that we are still working out but here is what we can tell you so far,  The podcast is going to come at you once every two weeks and be for every Shark fan from the day one hockey aficionado to the person who is not quite sure what an offside is but they love the game anyway.  We plan to answer listener e-mails as well as even have other fans on in a guest host capacity.  Along with the Sharks we will be covering other big NHL news of the day.   We will add more information when we have it.

About Your Hosts:

Wendell McGowan II - Producer/Host

Came from Redding California where he discovered the Sharks in 93.  He has done a little of everything, including Massage Therapy, Navy, Teaching, and running a small recording studio specializing in producing smaller artists and live sound gigs. He is married to Jennifer McGowan since 97 and has 3 amazing sons and now resides in Las Vegas NV

Contact Wendell on twitter @ComicNotGeek.

Jeff Dutch - Co-Host

Jeff is from a small town in Northern California. He served 6 years in the USAF and is an OIF Veteran. He's 31 years old, married to his beautiful wife Nikki, has an amazing daughter and in July will have a son. He's been following the Sharks since around 2008.

He's a serious sports fanatic and cheers for the Sharks, A's, Raiders, Cal and a few others but will watch anything as a general fan of sports and competition. Proost!

Contact Jeff on Twitter  @Farnorcaljeff

Ian Reid - Co-Host

Ian is from a small city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  He is a life long hockey fan following multiple levels of hockey and day one Sharks fan.  He works as a Q/A Tester for a company that specializes in integrated social enterprise management software.  He's a huge fan of new media even if his age is getting to the point he doesn't necessarily "get" all of it. Ian is a Sharks/Hockey writer for RSENReport.com which features both written content as well as YouTube vlogs and an occasional guest on the Midweek Madness Sports BlogTalkRadio program.  He's engaged with a daughter and son.

Contact Ian on Twitter @IanBlogsSharks

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