Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why The Lerg Streak Ended.

For 20 episodes straight of the Teal Tinted Glasses Podcast, I have made it a mission to drop the name of Bryan Lerg into each and every show. In episode 23 I made the conscious decision to kill that streak. 

To explain why, I want to begin with why this started in the first place

At the end of last season, the Sharks were in a very bad way. Hope was gone, we were out of the playoffs for the first time in forever and most of the fan base I communicate with was in a generally foul mood. However, for two games, a glimmer of hope showed up named Bryan Lerg.  To me, he represented a possibility that everything could get better. There was not all of the excess baggage that is weighing so heavily on our team. There was no stripping of the C for no good reason, no fighting between Thornton and Doogie Wilson, no reverse sweep. He was a Shark through and through, a veteran that was still new. That is when I started saying something about him. 

For the first three weeks, it was not intentional to be a streak or an ongoing bit on the show. He was the ultimate distraction from disappointment.  Then I realized what was happening and I started to make sure I would work him into every show. It was always meant to be a bit of fun and was done out of respect for the player, and of the idea of hope.

Then it happened. I shared the show with some friends new to hockey and they loved the show but asked why I hate/make fun of "that Lerg guy". This disappointed me to an extreme degree as I realized that I took this player that I truly respect and this idea I believe in so strongly and made it into a running joke. 

There you have it. I killed the streak.  Yes I will still mention Lerg when I get a chance but I refuse to make someone a joke that does not deserve it. Until I find another great and I can't pass up anyways. 

Wendell D McGowan II
Co-Host of the Teal Tinted Glasses Podcast™

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